Emergency Assistance

NCLL attorneys are available in the event that you have a homeschooling legal emergency.

Question Help

Can address any on going or current legal compliance questions or concerns.



The attorneys at NCLL's Homeschool Center are not just committed to protecting your legal right to homeschool in America, but to help you in the event you encounter legal challenges to your own homeschool. As a member of the Homeschool Center, you have access to our professional, experienced, caring homeschool attorneys who

  • Can address any ongoing or current legal compliance questions or concerns
  • Are available in the event that you have a homeschooling legal emergency
  • Will litigate your case on a pro bono (no cost to you) basis if we determine that the issues involved will advance the liberty of homeschooling in America.

Most often, homeschool families don’t encounter legal problems. But in the unlikely event that they do, one call to an attorney could easily cost $100, or substantially more if the issue requires more than a simple phone call.

When you become a member of the Homeschool Center for $35.00 for the first year, you will receive peace of mind that the full resources and staff of the National Center for Life and Liberty are standing behind you.

Membership in the Homeschool Center provides access to the following:

  • Free legal advice if you or your family member has been subject to religious discrimination at work
  • Pro-bono litigation in cases that advance church, Christian education or religious liberty, or the sanctity of life
  • Legal guidance after a car accident. One of our attorneys will explain how to protect your rights after of the accident and we will refer you, if needed, to one our trusted attorney affiliates.



You can homeschool without fear. But you must be properly equipped to do so.

Understanding and complying with your state’s homeschool legal requirements is the most important step you can take to prevent legal challenges. As a member and at your request, we will equip you with the knowledge you need by providing a simple, understandable break-down of the laws and regulations governing homeschooling in your state, and will help you navigate them in the event you have questions.





The National Center for Life and Liberty makes a difference across the nation in many ways:
  • Serving thousands of homeschool families
  • Hosting the largest homeschool conventions across the country, in partnership with Great Homeschool Conventions (www.greathomeschoolconventions.com)
  • Offering legal seminars to pastors and churches and advising them as to how to legally protect and provide for their ministries (www.seminars.ncll.org)
  • Serving as your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C., where laws are continually being introduced that may impact your religious rights, including your rights to homeschool
  • Producing a bi-monthly printed newsletter for our current members to keep you updated and informed about hot legal issues and what’s happening at the NCLL.